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This page is full of information to help you learn about the MT4 trading platform and become a successful 'Robot trader'. Please take your time to read this page carefully as It contains very important instructions how to correctly setup and trade with the robots.

You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the "Startup Guide" link in the member's area. There is a table of contents below to help you navigate the page.
Included on this page is a 'To Do List' with steps to get started with your robots. Below that are the links to important pages as well as information on where to find Live help.

Table of Contents

To Do List 

  1. Read the Terms of Use
  2. Log in to the Evestin VPS
  3. Change your Evestin VPS Password
  4. Log in to Your Trading Account
  5. Review Your Charts
  6. Load the Market Symbols
  7. Set the Risk per Trade
  8. Activate the Robots
  9. Final Checklist
  10. Log out of the Evestin VPS Correctly

Bonus Section

  1. Download the MT4 Mobile App
  2. FXBLUE Account Tracking

Important Links



1. Read the Terms of Use

Important Points

  • Evestin Forex does NOT trade for you and we’re NOT account copy service.
  • We’ve NO control over your trading robots. Other than giving you access/removing access and updating the trading robots we have NO access to your trading robots, your trading platform or your trading accounts.  
  • If you are not good with computers, robots are not a good idea for you. If you are a beginner with basic computer tasks then robots are NOT a good fit for you. Take a quick class on computer basics and then come back to the robots.
  • If you are totally new to trading then robots are not a good idea for you. If you never placed a trade manually then robots are NOT a good fit for you. Take some free online trading courses to learn the trading basics and then come back to the robots.
  • You must monitor your trading robots and your trading platform AT ALL TIMES.  Evestin Forex has neither duty nor obligation to monitor your trading robots or your trading platform. 

Practice first - You have full access to the trading robots and you’re in full control of your trading account. Any changes you make to your trading platform and robots will have an immediate impact on your trade account. If you’re new to Metatrader 4 and algorithmic trading we strongly suggest practising on a free demo account until you’re comfortable trading robots with real money.

We build robots - Evestin Forex is a software development company and does NOT provide financial advice or brokerage services. Evestin Forex staff have no participation in operations executed on your trading platform and has neither duty nor obligation to monitor your trading activity or performance. You as an independent and self-directed investor are fully responsible for your trading robots and the trades robots place. You must make your own financial decisions, we take no responsibility for money made or lost as a result of our trading software or advice on forex related products. Any advice provided by Evestin Forex is general product advice only. Please consult your licensed financial consultant to decide if algorithmic trading in Foreign Exchange is suitable for your personal financial situation. 

Risk Warning -  Trading involves the possibility of financial loss. Only trade with money that you are prepared to lose, you must recognise that for factors outside your control you may lose all of the money in your trading account. Many Forex brokers also hold you liable for losses that exceed your trading capital. So you may stand to lose more money than is in your account. Past performance does NOT guarantee future results. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those talked about on our website, videos, emails, e-books or newsletters.

Read the full terms of conditions on our website here:

Your use of Evestin Forex trading robots means that you accept Evestin Forex terms and conditions in full.

2. Log in to the Evestin VPS

Evestin VPS is a super-computer that runs your MT4 trading platform and robots. For robots to trade 24/7 you need a powerful computer that runs 24/7 and is always connected to a fast internet. This is where Evestin VPS comes in. As Evestin Forex member you get access to the Evestin VPS, so your robots can trade 24/7 and you can control your robots from a PC anywhere in the world.

When your MT4 trading platform and robots are installed on Evestin VPS, you will receive an email with your Evestin VPS login credentials.


STEP 1 — Download EVESTIN VPS access file (RDP) - find the download link in the 'Your Trading platform is ready' email

STEP 2 — Move the RDP file to your desktop

STEP 3 — Start the RDP file and enter your EVESTIN VPS login credentials

[VIDEO] How to Log in to Evestin VPS?


STEP 1 — Download Microsoft Remote Desktop App from the APP store HERE

STEP 2 — Download EVESTIN VPS access file (RDP) - find the download link in the 'Your Trading platform is ready' email

STEP 3 — Move the RDP file to your desktop

STEP 4 — Start the RDP file and enter your EVESTIN VPS login credentials

[VIDEO] How to Log in to Evestin VPS using Mac computer? 

3. Change Your Evestin VPS Password

For security, please change your EVESTIN VPS temporary password when you log in for the first time. You can change your password  by pressing CTRL+ALT+END.
(Mac users press FN+CTRL+OPTION+DELETE).

Password minimum requirements are 10 character length, 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 number

Keep your new password secure!
If you forgot your Evestin VPS password click the button below and fill out the password reset form. 

4. Log in to Your Trading Account

To log in to your trading account will need your account login details you received from your broker:

  • Your broker's server name
  • Your trading account number 
  • Your trading account password

STEP 1  - Select your broker's server and click NEXT

TIP - If you don't see your broker's server on the list, manually input your brokers name at the end of all the server names and press SCAN

STEP 2 - Select EXISTING TRADE ACCOUNT and enter your account number and password you received from your broker.

STEP 3 - Click FINISH to automatically log in to your trade account. 

Upon successful connection to your broker, you will see green bars at the lower right corner of your trading platform.

[VIDEO] How to log in to a trading account?

Special note — use your master password to log in to your Live trading account. Do NOT use the read-only (investor) password it will not allow robots to trade. Read-only (investor) password is only to be used for your account monitoring.


If you don't have a Live trading account yet you can test the trading robots on a demo account. You can open a demo trading account straight from the MT4 trading program.


STEP 2 — Choose your broker's DEMO or Practice server and click NEXT

STEP 3 — Choose NEW DEMO ACCOUNT and press NEXT

STEP 4 — Fill in your personal information and click ‘I agree to subscribe to your newsletters’

Recommended demo account settings are:

  • Leverage: 1:50
  • Account type: Standard

STEP 5 — Click NEXT and you’ll get your demo trading account login details. 

Tip  - Write down this demo account number and password. You will need this information if you’re using MT4 Mobile App for monitoring trades on the go.

STEP 6 — Click FINISH and you’ll automatically be logged in to your new demo account.

[VIDEO] How to create a demo account in MT4?

Special Note — Your demo account size must be the same size as your Live account. This ensures no false expectations. If you want to open a $10,000 Live account, the demo account needs to be opened with $10,000.

When you are ready for Live trading go to the page below open a Live trading account with one of our recommended brokers

5. Review Your Charts

Once you log into your trading account, you’ll see 12 charts that are pre-set with trading robots and the latest recommended settings.

  • 5 White EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, XAUUSD Daily (D1) charts are for Satoshi EA (XAUUSD is not available for Oanda US)
  • 2 Black GBPAUD (GBP basket), EURAUD (EUR basket),  Weekly (W1) charts are for Gunner EA
  • 5 Light Grey EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, XAUUSD Weekly (W1) charts are for Satoshi EA (XAUUSD is not available for Oanda US)

Tip - If your screen's resolution doesn't allow you to see all the 12 charts go to Window -> Tile Windows to rearrange the charts to fit your screen

Ensure your robots run on the correct time frame charts. Do NOT change your chart time frame as this will result in different trades taken by the robots.

  • Satoshi Daily must run on Daily charts (D1)
  • Gunner must run on Weekly charts (W1)
  • Satoshi Weekly charts must run on Weekly charts (W1)

Are your Charts Stuck on 'Waiting for Update'?

If upon successful connection to your trading account your charts are still stuck on "waiting for update" your broker is using special market symbols with a suffix. (i.e. EURUSD.i or EURUSD.pro) This means you are not allowed to trade on regular market Symbols. (i.e. EURUSD, GBPUSD). 

Please contact your broker and ask to change your trading account type to a Standard Forex trading account that will allow you to trade regular market Symbols. (with no suffix) 

If this is not possible see the article below how to manually add charts with a suffix.

6. Load the Market Symbols

On the left of your trading platform, you will see the ‘Market Watch’ with available market symbols. 

Our robots trade on these 11 symbols: EURUSD, EURJPY, EURCAD, EURAUD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, GBPAUD, GBPCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, XAUUSD (XAUUSD is not available for Oanda US) 

To add these symbols Right-Click on ‘Market Watch’ and select SETS -> EVESTIN FOREX

[VIDEO] How to select the correct Market Symbols?

If you use a trading account that has a suffix to the market symbols (i.e. EURUSD.i, or EURUSD.pro) choose the symbol set that matches your broker's symbols.

Special Note — Your ‘Market Watch’ must include all the 11 symbols or else robots will not be able to open the trades. Avoid having too many unnecessary symbols (symbols that robots don’t trade) in your ‘Market Watch’ as this can slow down your trading platform and effect the robot performance.

7. Set the Risk Per Trade

All your robots come preset with the latest recommended settings that should NOT be changed. We constantly monitor our trading systems and do system audits every quarter — this means your robot settings are always up-to-date for the current market conditions. 

The only setting that you should adjust is the RISK SETTING, which should be set based on your risk tolerance. The default risk is set to one percent (1%) of your account per trade. (1% risk per trade on $10,000 account is $100 risk per trade)

To change the risk setting, Right-Click on robot chart and choose EXPERT ADVISOR -> PROPERTIES and select the INPUTS tab.

STEP 1 — Choose the Risk Mode: % Risk (default setting). Alternately, you can choose Fixed lot or Fixed $ risk per trade (only for Advanced users).

STEP 2 — Input your preferred % risk per trade (default setting is 1.0) See our risk guidelines below

STEP 3 —
Press OK to confirm (Don’t press SAVE)

[VIDEO] How to change the risk per trade? 

Here are our RISK guidelines

  • Conservative: 0.5% of your account per trade (5% drawdown expected or 10 losing trade Drawdown)
  • Average (Default setting): 1.0% of your account per trade (10% drawdown  expected or 10 losing trade Drawdown)
  • Aggressive: 2.0% of your account per trade (20% drawdown expected or 10 losing trade Drawdown)

We recommend keeping risk the same for all robots.  In order to change the risk for all your robots, you need to do this for each of the 8 charts. 

Special note - Satoshi robot splits trades into multiple parts (multiple TP’s) And while you will see 3 orders for Satoshi robot the total risk for all 3 orders is 1 trade.

  • Satoshi robot 3 orders = 1 trade
  • Gunner robot 1 order = 1 trade
  • Fey robot 1 order = 1 trade

[VIDEO] What risk per trade to use?

Robots can’t open trades precisely with risk lower than $100 per trade!

Due to minimum lot size restrictions trade risk below $100 will not be correct. On some trades, it can be $40 while on some trades $100 even with the smallest lot size of 0.01 because each trade has a different STOP-LOSS size. And in cases when the trade risk is significantly below $100 trades will not be placed at all.

For this reason, it is recommended to instruct the robots to risk at least $100 per trade

Minimum $10,000 in your trading account is needed if you’re using default 1% risk per trade ($10,000 X 1% risk = $100 risk per trade)
Minimum $5,000 is required if you use 2% risk per trade  ($5,000 X 2% risk = $100 risk per trade)

8. Activate the Robots

It is now time to activate the robots for trading process. Take a look at the robots name and the frowning face on each of the charts right top corner. This means that your robots are NOT active. In order to activate the robots, you need to ENABLE AUTOTRADING

Do this by clicking the AutoTrading button in the top toolbar.  Once this is done, every robot is going to have a smiley face and actively scanning the market for trade setups to place trades automatically for you. 

Special Note — If you switch trading accounts the AUTOTRADING button is turned off automatically as a safety feature.

9. Final Checklist

  1. You have successfully logged in to your trading account.
  2. Each of your charts has the latest price feed.
  3. You have the 11 markets symbols robots trade in the ‘Market Watch’. (If you have suffix to your brokers market symbols you have added 11 market symbols with the suffix) 
  4. You have changed the risk per trade to your own preference for all the charts.
  5. You have activated the robots by pressing the AUTO-TRADING button and each of your charts has a robot with a smiley face. 

Your robots are now ready for the trading process!

The robots will average one trade per day, although it’s not uncommon for no trades to be made in a complete week. It’s all dependent upon the market.

10. How to Log out from the Evestin VPS correctly

You can now log out from Evestin VPS and your MT4 trading program will continue to run 24/7 on our servers with robots actively scanning the markets for trade setups and placing trades for you. 

But Don’t close the MT4 trading program down!!! 

Don’t press File -> Exit or “X” located in the top right corner of your trading program. This will shut your MT4 trading program down on Evestin VPS . Your MT4 trading program needs to run on Evestin VPS 24/7 for your robots to trade.


STEP 1 — The correct way to log out from Evestin VPS is by pressing the “X” button in the blue toolbar located at the top of your screen. (Mac users press the red quit button.)

STEP 2 — You will be prompted with this message as a confirmation that your MT4 trading program will continue to run. Press OK to log out. (Mac users don’t get this message)

[VIDEO] - How to log out from Evestin VPS?


1. Download the MT4 Mobile App

Once you’ve activated your robots on EVESTIN VPS, we recommend you download the FREE MT4 mobile app to your smartphone. This is a handy way in which to monitor your trading account. Go to your mobile App Store and download the MT4 mobile App.  

To log in to the MT4 mobile App you will need your trading account login details you received from your broker:

  • Your broker's server name
  • Your trading account number 
  • Your trading account password

Once you have your MT4 app on your phone you can then set up real-time notifications sent directly to your phone when trading robots open/close trades.

[VIDEO] How to set up real time trade notifications to your phone?

2. FXBLUE Account Tracking

FXBLUE LIVE is an excellent Free tool to track your robot trades and your progress.

  • You can monitor your trading account directly from a web-browser when you register with FXBLUE. 
  • Get detailed statistics about the robot performance on your trading account.
  • You can even add your FXBLUE account to our Evestin Forex 'Robot Trader' portfolio so we can monitor your progress. 



Bookmark this link and log in to the member's area here: https://www.evestinforex.com/members


To help you with the robot setup you can watch all the ‘How to Videos’ in here: https://www.evestinforex.com/members-how-to-videos


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are here: https://www.evestinforex.com/members-questions


If you run into any problems during your setup, contact us here https://www.evestinforex.com/members-support and we’ll be happy to help.


View the current open trades by our members here:


Learn more about the strategies our robots trade here:

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